Mexico Real Estate

If You are looking for a Property in the Nayarit Region of Mexico, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether it be Vacation Property, Your Home or an Investment, I can help you.

My Story in a Nutshell.

In 2007 my Husband and I came to Puerto Vallarta on a holiday and fell in Love with it all and the surrounding area’s.  Immediately I dreamed of owning a little piece of Mexico.  As well dreamed of becoming part of the communities and truly thought it was just a “pipe dream” to continue my Real Estate practice here and on top of it all…. in a different country.

Every year in our time in PV we would venture out and take trips to different towns to meet the people, see how they lived and what traditions they may have to offer. Bucarias was always #1 on the list as it was only about 40 minutes outside of PV and was a really easy daytrip.  Not to mention the little market was fun, the Beaches were better and the prices a little less.

In 2018 we bought our first home here, in the town of Bucarias.  It was our vacation home to spend a month or 2.  Then Covid hit….. well we thought, what a wonderful place to be for just a little longer than 2 months.  We had the opportunity to be in a place with a few less restrictions, and a lot more outdoors with Sunshine everyday.  So NOW, here we are choosing to spend more months of the year and my Opportunity to start my Real Estate Career in Mexico had begun……

….. and our journey continues.